Lording it over the northern half of Lombok, Mount Rinjani (3726m) is Indonesia’s second-tallest volcano. It’s an astonishing peak, and sacred to Hindus and Sasaks who make pilgrimages to the summit and lake to leave offerings for the gods and spirits. To the Balinese, Rinjani is one of three sacred mountains, along with Bali’s Agung and Java’s Bromo. Sasaks ascend throughout the year around the full moon.

The mountain has climatic significance. Its summmit attracts a steady stream of swirling rain clouds, while its ash emissions bring fertility to the island’s rice fields and tobacco crops, feeding a tapestry of paddies, fields, and cashew and mango orchards.

Mount Rinjani also attracts many trekkers who thrill to the otherworldly vistas. The volcano has become so popular that there were more than a thousand climbers on it during the first of the 2018 earthquakes, after which its slopes were evacuated. It remained closed for several months.

Inside Gunung Rinjani’s immense caldera, sitting 600m below the rim, is the stunning, 6km-wide, turquoise crescent lake Danau Segara Anak (Child of the Sea). The Balinese toss gold and jewellery into the lake in a ceremony called pekelan, before they slog their way towards the sacred summit.

The mountain’s newest cone, the minor top of Gunung Baru (2351m), only emerged a couple of hundred years ago, its scarred, smouldering profile rising above the lake as an ominous reminder of the apocalyptic power of nature. This peak has been erupting fitfully for the last decade, periodically belching plumes of smoke and ash over the entire Rinjani caldera. Also in the crater are natural hot springs known as Aiq Kalak. Locals suffering from skin diseases trek here with a satchel of medicinal herbs to bathe and scrub in the bubbling mineral water.

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Trekking Information

Hiking Mt. Rinjani is no easy feat! It requires stamina and mental endurance. That being said, thousands of adventurers summit Mt. Rinjani each year to experience the spectacular views that if offers. While this trek is not long, it is important to be prepared. Even if you are simply hiking to the crater rim, it’s important that you bring the correct gear for this trek. If you plan to summit Mt. Rinjani, you will be reaching 3726 meters. This means, even in the hottest points of the summer, it is can be freezing at the summit. Hiking Rinjani means you should have the appropriate clothing

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